Naytal secures £300k Pre-Seed investment led by Fuel Ventures

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Naytal, the UK’s first online clinic that gives women instant access to health experts including midwives, breastfeeding consultants, psychologists and women’s health physios for support with all their pregnancy and postnatal needs, has launched in the UK today following a successful beta period. 

Naytal is also the UK’s first platform to offer women access to perinatal psychologists, who are focused on supporting women through their pregnancy and postnatal journey.

Backed with £300k in pre-seed funding, led by Fuel Ventures, Naytal was cofounded by Leila Thabet and Lara Russell-Jones who are on a mission to reinvent women’s healthcare for the digital age.

“Women’s ante and postnatal healthcare needs and expectations have evolved, but the healthcare system that provides them is lagging behind”, said co-founder, Leila Thabet

“We’re more aware than ever before about the importance of taking care of our health, yet knowing where to turn to get timely advice and support from someone who knows what they’re talking about is a challenge at best, and near impossible at worst!

“Lara and I were shocked by the level of support and specialist care we were able to access on our own health journeys through fertility, pregnancy and postnatally. And although our issues were different, what united our experiences was feeling confused, overwhelmed and unsure where to turn. With Naytal – we’re changing that.”

Naytal offers women access to a selection of dedicated pregnancy and postnatal services with leading experts, fully qualified in their field of expertise. These include:

  • Midwife Consultations: Naytal’s NHS trained, private midwives provide advice, ongoing support and reassurance. They’re on hand to answer any questions about pregnancy, labour or postnatal recovery
  • Breastfeeding Support: Highly qualified International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are available to support with the feeding journey and beyond
  • Mental Health Support: Naytal’s experienced team of psychologists offer therapy and provide support for mental and emotional health, anxieties, relationship issues and any specific challenges women are facing
  • Pelvic Floor Health & Physiotherapy: Naytal’s team of Women’s Health Physios are Pelvic Obstetric & Gynaecological specialists, who are available to support before and after birth to reduce pelvic pain and gently restore the pelvic floor (and body) back to health and fitness

Naytal’s health experts are all available to support women’s needs during one-to-one sessions that are grounded in evidence-based medicine. Whether someone is looking for a quick response to a question, advice about a specific issue or need ongoing assistance, the team of leading experts are easy to access at affordable, pay-as-you-go price points.

Thabet adds: “We believe women shouldn’t have to suffer in unnecessary pain and silence due to reproductive health issues, as 80% of us do today. That’s why we’re excited to offer women direct access to the knowledge and support they need, when they need it, from healthcare experts who understand their unique health challenges. We believe that everyone should be able to access this kind of care conveniently and affordably.”

Miss Jess McMicking, Naytal’s Medical Advisor, said: “I’m a firm believer that high-quality ante and postnatal health care should be available to every woman, so to be a part of the Naytal family is fantastic. I’m extremely proud to play a small role in the company which is offering such a unique – and long overdue – service to women and their birth partners.”

Aimee Taylor, Lead Midwife at Naytal said: “The pregnancy and postnatal journey can be very daunting, with many people often feeling like they need further individualised care and support. So, when Leila and Lara explained the concept of Naytal, I didn’t hesitate to come onboard. I’m joining a team of experienced health care professionals and together we’ll drive real change in women’s healthcare.”

Naytal enjoyed a very successful beta period, with 98% of users rating their experience 4.5 or five out of five. 97% said the health expert was able to address their specific health concerns, with 93% agreeing that Naytal’s expert had helped them either resolve or begin to manage the issue with more confidence. Finally, 100% of beta users would recommend Naytal to a friend.



TJ: I really like the purpose behind this app because so many women are left with very little support postpartum particularly with very tricky medical issues that need specialist expertise. Naytal allows you to source specialist care quickly and conveniently during a time that is convenient to you. So I think this is the ‘Babylon’ of women’s health which is fantastic!

Morgan: Really easy to use with a fantastic healthcare professional. I now have somewhere I can go to get safe and personalised care when I need it. I will definitely be using Naytal moving forward.

Francesca: Naytal is a brilliant service – those first few months can feel so exhausting, terrifying and lonely and knowing where to turn for help can be overwhelming, especially during a Pandemic.cHaving everything you need in one place, having easy and affordable access to experts who understand exactly what you are going through, is an absolute game-changer – I wish it had been around when I had my first baby, but I’m very happy it’s here for my second.

Rupal: A fantastic support network for expectant and new mothers. These services are vital for well being during and post pregnancy. Having a suite of support services under one portal is extremely useful and great for new busy mothers!

Jo: An invaluable resource – save yourself from a 3am Google rabbit hole and book an appt with an expert. The service is easy to use, and the breastfeeding specialist I worked with was able to provide reassurance, advice and support. Having a video appointment is great not only during covid times but in the postnatal period when leaving the house with a tiny human is a feat in itself.

Laura: Love the concept of bringing together all the health professionals that pregnant and new mums require. The platform is easy to navigate and looks great! My session with the psychologist was really helpful in working through some of the trauma from birth. Looking forward to seeing the additional services in the future!

Amelia: Great concept – one stop shop for all the advice a new mum needs. The consultant I spoke to was really professional and experienced, I would definitely speak to her again. I also think mental health support is a great option for new mums, this is very difficult to access but very much needed. Website looks great, very easy to use.

Cadi: I had a consultation with women’s physio Joanna. The consultation was so helpful towards my return to fitness postnatally. Joanna was warm and friendly and gave me some really good individualised exercises to strengthen and relax my pelvic floor. I would highly recommend this for anyone thinking of returning to impact exercise after having a baby.

Georgie: A great, simple way of accessing resources quickly. I would highly recommend it.

Amira: I booked a half an hour session with Lucy. Following my c section, I wanted support in retraining my body to get used to exercise. Using the Naytal website was very easy and simple to follow. There was a list of consultants with a biography of their jobs and role and I then chose a specialist who I felt suited my needs. Excellent service

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