Publishing Criteria

We publish press releases about successful equity fundraisings by UK tech Companies that meet the following criteria FREE of charge.


Key criteria for publications:

  • The company must be a UK company
  • It must be a technology company

Where investments are concerned, the investment must go into the UK tech company and not its US or International holding company, even if your team is based in the UK.

We are focusing on equity investment.

We do sometimes cover TV coverage in lieu of cash (Channel 4), but we are not a big fan of these type of announcements. We may also include grant, debt and revolving credit announcements (depends on how we feel that day).

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

When it comes to M&A, one of the companies must be a UK tech company. It’s ideal if both were, but not mandatory. These stories are covered on our dedicated press release site for M&A.


What defines a company as a tech company or not is increasingly becoming difficult to judge.


We publish the whole press release as received including contact details and notes without amendment. We change the title so that our readers can understand the stage the company is in. We also add the company name in addition to the brand to make it easier to digest the information.

Past Press Releases

We can publish older press releases going back to 2017. Do send them if we have not covered your story and we will publish them backdated.

Our Websites

We operate two press release websites.


Both sites are wholly owned by Techcelerate Ltd and Manoj Ranaweera


Please send your press release to Safiya ([email protected]).