Zero Height secures £7.21 million Series A investment led by Tribe Capital

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UX design teams are growing exponentially because high quality UX is no longer a nice-to-have. In most markets, it’s now a barrier to entry. But given their new scale, UX teams can’t operate effectively without DesignOps: a brand new set of tools and practices that allow teams to deliver UX at speed and at scale without comprising on quality. zeroheight is a DesignOps platform that provides a central place to document UX as well as design APIs to speed up UX delivery. Our vision is to be the leading DesignOps platform and to do for UX delivery what DevOps platforms like GitHub have done for building and shipping code.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we are one big step closer towards that vision thanks to a $10M Series A funding round led by Tribe Capital, with participation from Adobe, Y Combinator, FundersClub and Expa, as well as angel investors including Tom Preston-Werner (co-founder of GitHub), Bradley Horowitz (VP Product at Google), Irene Au (built and ran UX design for Google) and Nick Caldwell (VP Engineering at Twitter).

What’s next?

As is often said, raising money isn’t success in and of itself. The reason it’s exciting is because of the potential it unlocks. Here are some of the things we’re now able to do (and do sooner!) thanks to our series A funding:

🇺🇸   Expanding to San Francisco/Bay Area

We started zeroheight in London, UK and it’s where most of our team is currently located. It’s also where our product team will continue to be based. However to be the global leader in DesignOps it’s important for us to have a US presence – not only does it give us more timezone overlap with the majority of our customers (and potential customers!), it also allows us to hire from a larger pool of the world’s best SaaS leadership. In terms of location, we picked San Francisco/Bay Area because we believe that it’s an important ecosystem for design and engineering, and we want to be part of it! In fact, we’ve already started hiring a sales team there, and I’m planning to move to the Bay Area myself later this year to lead the expansion. When there are fewer COVID restrictions, our plan is to be hybrid-remote – with teams meeting weekly in person in either SF or London.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦   Tripling the team size

The funding also allows us to continue to grow the team so we can deliver on our mission faster – we’re about 25 people today but we hope to be 3X bigger in a year’s time! If building the world’s leading DesignOps company and supercharging product teams around the world sounds exciting, check out the many roles we’re hiring for across both sides of the pond. We look forward to saying hi 🙂

💡   Solving new DesignOps challenges

Our focus so far has been on UX documentation but there are many other incredibly exciting challenges to solve in DesignOps. This round of funding will allow us to explore other problems such as enabling UX teams to get this new methodology adopted widely across their organizations and helping to close the gap between design and development even further.

🦾   Doubling-down on Enterprise

Some of the most interesting DesignOps problems arise at scale, which is why we have many Fortune 500 companies like Adobe and United Airlines as customers. Post series-A, we’re going to double down on solving for the use cases of these complex organizations, whilst also building zeroheight itself into an organization that can continue to support enterprise-scale customers.

💼   Investing in sales & growth marketing

Thanks to how connected the UX community is, we’ve been lucky to be able to grow to 1,300+ customers entirely organically and profitably with very little investment in sales and marketing. However thanks to this funding round we can invest in building world-class sales and growth marketing teams to accelerate our growth even further.

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Safiya Marzook

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