Project 3000 (t/a Kama) secures £2.5 million Seed investment participated by AlleyCorp, Female Founders Fund and January VC

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Kama, the new sexual wellbeing brand, gears up to launch during global ‘sex recession’ 

  • Founded by Chloe Macintosh, co-founder of MADE.COM, former Chief Creative Officer of Soho House Group, and venture partner at Felix Capital and Future Positive Capital
  • Kama is a new sexual wellness app, designed as a 30-minute daily practice to optimise your body for sexual pleasure
  • Now live in app store with access two months of free content
  • We are in a ‘sex and intimacy recession’ as more people report having no sex in the past year
  • Kama has raised a £2.5m seedround from investors include Kevin Ryan at AlleyCorp , Female Founders Fund, Raine Group, and January Ventures (full list in notes to editors)

Kama, the daily, guided practice designed to educate and boost sexual wellbeing and provide both mental and physiological benefits for any body regardless of gender, sexuality, age, or relationship status, is set to launch next month following VC investment.  Built in response to the global ‘sex recession’ Kama aims to provide a new model in sexual behaviour that also helps to tackle stress and address body confidence.

Kama is the brainchild of entrepreneur Chloe Macintosh, co-founder of disruptor homeware platform MADE.COM, venture partner at two European VC funds, Felix Capital and Future Capital, and was previously Chief Creative Officer at Soho House Group. Chloe has spent the last 15 years researching the intimacy and sexuality sectors, travelling the world to meet experts and practitioners across a range of disciplines to create Kama.

Kama has closed £2.5m seed funding ahead of its launch this Autumn. Those participating in the round include AlleyCorp, Female Founders Fund and January VC. Other notable investors and partners include Felix Capital, The Raine Group’s Gordon Rubenstein and Deepali Nanglia of Atomico. 

Kama’s holistic approach seeks to address the ‘sex and intimacy recession’ with young men driving the decline in sex and the increasing number of 18-29 year olds reporting no sex in the past year, doubling between 2008 and 2018. Kama’s content is developed in collaboration with experts across neuroscience, psychosexuality, somatic therapy and ancient wisdom, to help recondition the mind, body, and heart for more pleasure. 

Chloe Macintosh, Founder and CEO, said: 

“Kama is a response to the global mental health epidemic, the sex recession, and the World Association of Sexual Health’s declaration of pleasure as a human right. Our body is the most advanced technology that we will ever interact with and yet we know so little about it, and often leave it to others to make decisions about our health and sexual wellbeing which ultimately leaves us unfulfilled. We provide a solution through our unique, guided, daily practices, built in collaboration with some of the world’s best respected academics and practitioners. 

“There is no viable alternative in the market right now. Sex therapy is mostly unregulated and so we are creating the new industry standard aiding relaxation, addressing insecurities, and educating our clients about pleasure, something that is rarely addressed in sex-education or even withing the medical field. With the backing of such forward-thinking investors, we are able to democratise access to world-renowned experts and their teachings, in an easy to digest format.” 

Jennifer Keiser Neundorfer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, January VC, said: 

“Kama’s approach resonated with us because it is deeply rooted in education, relationship coaching and mindfulness. We also believe there is a huge opportunity for technology to open up new markets in taboo areas of health.”

Ana Duggal, Founding Partner, Female Founders Fund, said:

“Kama’s personalised guide to intimacy and sexual wellness should be a ‘must-have’ for anyone looking to improve the quality of their sexual wellness and is the first of its kind.”

Deepali Nanglia, of Atomico and now an angel investor in Kama, said:

Sexual wellness is a tough space to invest in but Chloe has enormous experience in building businesses and brands and I hope that she will demystify and democratise sexual wellness just like she did with furniture at MADE.COM.”

Those interested in learning more about Kama can download via the App Store and find out more at 

Notes to editors: 
For more information about Kama, its founder or investors, or extra quotes, please email [email protected]

About Kama

  • Kama is a new sexual wellness app, designed as a daily practice to optimise your sexual pleasure. 
  • At Kama, we believe in a new model for sexual behaviour that is more open, educated and playful. We want to help you have sex in your body, and not in your head, and become a better lover by mastering your own body. 
  • We created a simple daily guide that leads our users through a wide range of unique practices that build deeper and more holistic connections between the mind, body, and heart. 
  • Kama is based on the science-backed idea that Pleasure is Health. We are collaborating with experts across the fields of neuroscience, somatic therapy, psychosexuality, and ancient wisdom in order to create a unique Method that offers a true avenue for transformation: physically, emotionally and even spiritually. 
  • Kama democratises access to world-renowned experts and their teachings, in an easy to digest format, for free. 
  • The app launches on iOS, next month. 
  • Kama is for everyone. All ages, all bodies, all preferences. Find out more on our website

Investors list: 
Kevin P. Ryan AlleyCorp
Anu Duggal Female Founders Fund
Jennifer Keiser Neundorfer January VC
Gordon Rubenstein The Raine Group
Cristina Steinbeck Kinnevik AB
Oussama Ammar The Family
Kate Ryder X-Factor Venture 

Angel Investors:
Deepali Nangia Atomico
Daniel Waterhouse Balderton
Gigi Levy Weiss NFX
Frederic Court Felix Capital
Fabian Hielte Platzer Fastigheter AB
Cherry Freeman Hiro Capital
Yarom Ophir Katana SA

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