Workhorse secures £391k Seed investment from Seedrs

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Workhorse Set to Expand Innovative Approach to SME Software with Crowdfunding Campaign

  • 94% of workplaces struggle with the Apps & software they use
  • Organisations in the UK are overtaking the rest of Europe in cloud adoption with a 17.9% increase over 2014, compared to a relatively modest EU-wide average increase of 7.2%
  • Market Opportunity: 5.7million SME businesses in the UK, or 99% of the UK market

3 rd July 2019, Redhill, Surrey: Innovative, SaaS Software Provider to the SME market, Workhorse, today launches its first crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, designed to drive the next stage of growth for business management software. With Workhorse, small businesses finally save time with one, integrated application that works across the breadth of their organisation, at a price they can afford and fully customised to the way they want to run their business, both now and as they grow into the future.

Generic, off-the-shelf software is failing small businesses. No single SME is alike, nor are their processes, yet they are forced to shoe-horn the way they work into standalone SaaS products designed around a single business process such as sales or billing. Typically implemented in-house, existing SaaS solutions, are overwhelming in complexity with users typically only using a fraction of the functionality, leaving business owners confused, frustrated and resorting to spreadsheets. The alternative, traditional bespoke software, typically demands budgets of tens of thousands of pounds with long implementation cycles.

Workhorse’s goal is to put SMEs back in control of mission-critical software, delivering effective applications with real-time savings and enhancing the visibility of day-to-day operations. Key benefits include:

  • Modular, ‘build-what-you-need system’, gives you exactly what you need and nothing more
  • Expand your system and functionality with the latest technology and tools as your business grows
  • Deep customisation, tailored workflows and automation drive powerful efficiencies
  • Gain one, end-to-end system by integrating with any vital business tool e.g. accounting software
  • Fast implementation – fully customised systems delivered in a 2-3 weeks
  • Minimal training required as systems follow the way businesses work
  • Monthly subscriptions start from £195+VAT
  • Software-with-a-Service with tailored design and a dedicated account manager

Eurostat research from 2018 shows the continued market potential for cloud technology with only 23% of European businesses having already adopted cloud computing for enterprise software and still just 29% of firms using cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tools and apps.

Workhorse’s founder, Alastair Badman, commented;

“Intelligent approaches to cloud software for SMEs have huge potential in the UK market and beyond. Not only are there huge swathes of industry that are yet to capitalise on the benefits, 94% of businesses are cited as struggling with the apps and software they are already using. Workhorse’s exceptional flexibility and deep customisation is unlike existing solutions and extremely well-placed to solve these business problems across multiple sectors.”

Workhorse customer, Bisley’s Director of Sales, Mike Dye, comments;

“Workhorse has improved the vision for the Sales team and I’m keen to see the change in how knowledge is shared between the Customer Services office and the Sales Showroom. Our experience is that Workhorse has enabled us to be more consistent and productive, enabling us to provide a quicker and cleaner process that improves the client experience. It’s exciting how quickly the software can be adapted and it’s impressive with the amount of editing/change that can be done in-house.”

Founded in 2016 by Managing Director, Alastair Badman, Workhorse provides custom SaaS software for the SME market in the UK, Europe and USA. Having spent 18 years, developing code and solutions for enterprise and small business, Badman developed his proprietary software framework in response to the needs he was seeing in the small business sector where off-the-shelf packages simply weren’t meeting their needs, reducing accuracy and wasting time.

The purpose of the Workhorse brand is to stand out from the crowd. In a market where there is a consistent ‘brand’ template for selling software, Workhorse’s illustration approach is designed to 1) look different, just as we are different from existing applications, 2) be approachable and uncomplicated. Find out more at




Driven by a focus on ‘Software with a Service’, our customers range from micro two-person businesses to multi-nationals with 750 staff and £85m turnover, in sectors as diverse as Finance, Legal, Events, Marketing, Recruitment, Membership, Manufacturing, Installation & Maintenance, E-Commerce, Training and Retail.

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60 million Office 365 users and 1.2 billion office users in the world (ref: Microsoft) 94% of workplaces struggle with the apps and software they use and 95% struggle with technology designed to address their business problems. (Workplace Innovation Report – Filemaker – January 2019)

“Adoption of these digital technologies is strongly linked to sales per employee, a measure of productivity. Use of cloud-based computing leads to an increase in 13.5 per cent in sales per employee after three or more years while a CRM adds 18.4 per cent to sales per employee over three years.” Digital Adoption in UK Micro-Businesses 2012-2018, Enterprise Research Centre (ERC), State of Small Business Britain Report 2018.

European Statistical Office

According to statistics published by the European Statistical Office, British enterprises claim to have a relatively high rate of cloud adoption, with 41.9% of companies adopting some form of cloud service. This is compared with the average of 26.2% in EU nations. Figures show organisations in the UK are overtaking the rest of Europe in cloud adoption with a 17.9% increase over 2014, compared to a relatively modest EU-wide average increase of 7.2%.

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