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KETS Quantum Security secures £3.1 million Seed Follow On investment

KETS Quantum Security raises £3.1 million to keep data safe from the next generation of quantum-computing enabled hackers The day is approaching when quantum computers will be able to crack all the existing encryption that protects our data KETS Quantum Security will bring quantum-safe chip-based encryption development kits to market to begin guarding critical data […]Read More

Quantum computing

ORCA Computing secures £2.9 million Pre-Seed investment led by Atmos

ORCA Computing raises £2.9M ($3.7M) to develop quantum technology utilising “off the shelf” components LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 21, 2020 — “Optical fiber is the cornerstone of the internet revolution, carrying information across continents” said Richard Murray, CEO and co-founder of ORCA Computing. “Light contained within optical fibers is also an excellent carrier of quantum […]Read More