HotelFlex (t/a Officely) secures £1.51 million Seed investment led by TEN13

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Officely, a desk booking software for hybrid offices, has raised US$2.0m in Seed funding to date from lead investor TEN13 and reputable angels such as Vu Tran (cofounder Go1) and Adam Schwab (cofounder Luxury Escapes).

Co-founded by Max Shepherd-Cross and Rich Turnbull, Officely was launched in April 2021 and in 6 months has amassed a customer base of over 1,500 companies using their platform, including over 38k employees around the world who are relying on Officely to book into their offices and collaborate with coworkers.

At the outset of the pandemic and amongst lockdowns, most companies were forced to adopt Zoom or Microsoft Teams and other cloud-based software tools to transition to a remote-first work environment. Now in late 2021, with people returning to work across many parts of the world, workers aren’t going back to the office with the same frequency as before. Max Shepherd-Cross (co-founder & CEO) conveys that,

“5-days a week in the office is dead. Employees now go into the office when they want to collaborate with colleagues, but will likely stay at home if they need to focus. And employers have been forced to adapt to this lasting shift. COVID-19 has caused a lasting and defined change in how and where people want to work.”

Officely is providing the software tooling to address this shift in workforces around the globe. Officely enables workers to book office days, facilitate bookings of meeting rooms, car parks and lock-in slots when particular teammates are in the office. As well as providing reporting for management on office usage and utility. They are building the Calendly for the hybrid office, making booking into the office easy and accessible within the usual work tools used by companies on a daily basis such as Slack (and soon to launch MS Teams).

Given their rapid traction of 80% monthly growth over the last 5 months, Officely has attracted US$2.0m in pre-Seed funding to date from lead investor TEN13 and reputable angels to expand their team, grow the product offering and feature sets, and continue their rapid growth trajectory.

Co-founder and CEO, Max Shepherd-Cross believes hybrid work is the future, he highlights that the most value is captured having a blend of time in the office engaging with colleagues, collaborating etc whilst retaining a level of flexible work from home which the general workforce has become accustomed to.

Since their launch, Officely has managed to sign up over 1,500 companies including Bolt, 99designs, Clever, Front, Lemonade, Citymapper, and more. Many of these companies are rolling out Officely in multiple offices after successful trials, showing proof that their model is sticky and employees love having the flexibility and picking power that it provides.

TEN13 Managing Partner, Stew Glynn, comments that “there’s never been a better time for new solutions to emerge around workforce management and engagement, the COVID pandemic has changed the way that the white collar population engages in work. Software tools like Officely are building at the epicentre of the global workforce market which is adjusting to a new-normal of hybrid work and forcing a review of how we all work both now and into the future”

Officely is founded by second time entrepreneurs and not every journey is a straight one, cofounders Max and Rich had a previous business called HotelFlex, a hotel booking technology company, which went through the iconic accelerator Y Combinator. However HotelFlex came on hard times as COVID swept the world forcing hotels to close. The founders took this as an opportunity to recalibrate and pivoted their model from booking beds to booking desks. It seems the switch was the right one as they’re signing up new users by the hour at Officely and are enabling teams to be the most productive and engaged with their hybrid office tooling.

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