Clustermarket secures £2.5 million Seed investment from 24Haymarket and Forward Partners

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24Haymarket and Forward Partners invest $3.5m in Clustermarket 

  • World’s leading laboratory operating system used by MIT, Oxford and Cambridge universities
  • Lists over 70,000 scientific instruments on its platform and is used by over 60,000 scientists
  • Company is seeing 20% user growth month on month over the past 18 months 

24 June, London, Berlin: 24Haymarket, a private capital firm focused on growth equity and venture  capital investments in the UK, and Forward Partners, an early-stage investor focused on applied AI,  marketplaces and e-commerce, are delighted to announce their investment in Clustermarket, the  SAAS-enabled marketplace for laboratories and equipment. Existing investors such as industry  heavyweights Jonathan Milner and Bruce Barclay also participated in the $3.5m round. 

Clustermarket’s mission is to transform scientific research and development by building the world’s  leading operating system for scientists. Their cloud-based lab management software helps  organisations to manage resources and activities across their facilities, providing a clear overview of  scientific equipment, laboratory bookings and technical service orders, and allows teams to  communicate easily with each other. The software creates transparency within institutions and links  to Clustermarket’s online equipment sharing platform, which provides access to thousands of  scientific instruments and the best service providers, helping organisation to make the best use of  their existing resources by offering access to lab equipment and technical services to other  organisations.  

Clustermarket lists over 70,000 scientific instruments on its platform, including highly specialised  instruments such as state of the art microscopes, flow cytometers, and sequencing machines, but also  PCR machines, centrifuges and others. With over 20% user growth month on month over the past 18  months, Clustermarket is growing rapidly. 

The Company’s software is used by more than 60,000 scientists across research laboratories in life  science companies and universities around the world, including Illumina, Artios Pharma, Tessa  Therapeutics, Evonetix, and universities: MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Imperial College  London and Cambridge and Oxford. Clustermarket also recently started working with the AstraZeneca  BioVentureHub, with the aim to provide a digital solution for their open and collaborative ecosystem. Meanwhile equipment manufacturers can leverage the Clustermarket platform to monitor the  performance and maintenance of IoT-connected equipment used in laboratories, ensuring an optimal  performance of the equipment for the researchers. 

Clustermarket CEO Johannes Solzbach said:

“Our software helps institutions to better manage and  utilise their assets, increasing efficiencies within labs and informing future investment. With so much  money pouring into life sciences and research, in particular after Covid, organisations want to make  sure the impact of their equipment and future investment is maximised. We’re delighted to welcome  our new investors as we look to scale up our business considerably in the near future, adding more  equipment and users to build our network and data pool.”  

Alan Jamieson, Investor Director representing 24Haymarket, said:

“It is a very exciting prospect to  support this management team as they use this new investment to build resources and capabilities  across the business. This will accelerate the penetration of labs and users globally and allow us to  facilitate the enhanced services that the internet of things offers both labs and equipment suppliers.” Forward Partners CEO Nic Brisbourne said: “Clustermarket fits neatly into the type of company we like  to partner with: a digital marketplace that is addressing friction and boosting efficiencies – in this case  in the scientific and medical research space – a huge market that is even more crucial in the wake of 

the pandemic. By partnering with Clustermarket we hope to be able to support future growth, not  only via capital, but with the hands-on support we offer from our investment team and our Studio.” 


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About Clustermarket 

Clustermarket is building the world’s leading operating system for life-sciences laboratories. The  team’s goal is to bring the management of research into the digital age, democratise access to  expensive equipment and services and ultimately to enable life sciences innovators to get ideas to  market faster than ever before. The company’s award-winning lab management software (previously  known as Bookkit) and revolutionary marketplace helps labs to manage, connect and share resources.  Since its launch in 2018 the platform has gained over 60,000 users and is growing at a rate of over 20%  month on month. The company’s vision is to create a world where people, labs and data connect  seamlessly to accelerate scientific breakthroughs that benefit all. 

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About 24Haymarket  

24Haymarket is a private capital firm focused on disruptive early-stage venture and growth equity  investments in the UK, investing up to £5m in a transaction. Our Investor Network includes 100+ senior  business leaders combining 3,000+ years of business experience with Director-level experience in  companies worth a collective £700 billion. We invested aligned, patient capital in partnership with  outstanding entrepreneurs to build the UK’s industrial leaders of the future.  

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About Forward Partners In 2020, Forward Partners which focuses on early-stage start-ups in applied AI, marketplaces and e commerce. The portfolio includes Appear Here, an online marketplace for retail space; Koru Kids, a  childcare company revolutionising nanny sharing; Snaptrip, a marketplace that helps people discover  the best last minute cottage holiday deals in the UK; FY! – a home, living, and lifestyle retail  marketplace designed specifically for millennial consumers and Cazoo, an online used car marketplace  designed to transform the way people buy, finance, or rent used cars. For more information, please  visit:

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