Quix Analytics secures £2.3 million Seed investment led by Project A Ventures

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Quix Secures £2.3 Million Seed Financing To Launch Its Streaming Analytics Platform

  • Quix releases its platform for developers working with streaming data providing a free subscription allowing people to instantly react to live data with Python
  • Founded by former McLaren F1 engineers, Quix use cases include developing electric vehicles, processing Covid-19 test data and fraud prevention in financial services
  • The seed financing round is led by Project A Ventures with participation from Passion Capital and angel investors

12 May 2021, London, UK: Real-time streaming analytics platform Quix is announcing that it has closed a £2.3M seed round led by Project A Ventures with participation from Passion Capital and angel investors.

Quix changes the way data is handled and processed – from a database centric approach to a stream centric approach, connecting Python developers to real time data streams. The company has an ambitious vision to ensure that any organisation, large or small, can quickly take advantage of and immediately act on their data insights at lower costs with a smaller environmental impact.

“At Quix, we believe that it will soon be essential for every organisation to automatically action data within milliseconds of it being created. Whether it’s personalising digital experiences, developing electric vehicles, automating industrial machinery, deploying smart wearables in healthcare, or detecting financial fraud faster, the ability to run machine learning models on live data streams and immediately respond to rapidly changing environments is critical to delivering better experiences and outcomes to people,” co-founder and CEO Michael Rosam states.

Quix Portal goes online

As of today, the Quix Portal is available to the public, providing developers with a free subscription to a real time data engineering platform. It removes all barriers to building and applying machine learning on streaming data. Quix enables anyone with Python skills, the data science language, to apply machine learning to real time data streams in hours rather than the years it previously took.

Making complex streaming applications functional no longer requires a large data engineering team and extensive investment in data infrastructure, but can now be done in a few lines of code with Quix providing the necessary infrastructure and APIs out-of-the-box. 

Quix’ early adopters include McLaren and the NHS

Founded in March 2020 by the McLaren engineering team behind the systems now used by most F1 teams to gain competitive advantage from their live data operations. Quix has since been adopted by teams across industries such as automotive, industrial, health, wearable, content, gaming and finance. Notable names include teams at the NHS working on the country’s COVID response and their alma mater McLaren.

Project A Ventures led the seed funding round, which also includes early stage fund Passion Capital and strategic angel investors such as Frank Sagnier (CEO, Codemasters), Ian Hogarth (Co-founder, Songkick), Chris Schagen (CMO, Contentful) and Michael Schrezenmaier (COO, Pipedrive).

Sam Cash of Project A Ventures said:

“Data streaming is the next paradigm in data architecture, given end users accelerating demand for live, on-demand and personalised applications. The Quix team are leading the way in this market, by democratising access to data streaming infrastructure, which until now has been the reserve of the largest companies.”

Malin Posern, Partner at Passion Capital commented

“The world today is generating unimaginable amounts of data from digital and physical activities. Businesses of all types and sizes will want to make use of their data in real-time in order to be competitive. We are excited to support the Quix team on their journey to empowering the streaming revolution”.


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