SKOOT RIDE.COM secures £1.5 million Pre-Series A investment

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Start-up SKOOT secures funding of £3.1m 

London, 12 February 2021: Today, SKOOT, the mobility app for friends, has over raised in its latest funding round with an additional £1.5m secured, bringing the total investment to date of £3.1m since the beginning of 2020. 

SKOOT was founded in 2019 to provide an alternative to single person car journeys and public transport and is the first carbon-negative lift-sharing app. The app connects friends who drive, with friends who need a lift. In addition to reducing cars on the road, SKOOT also offsets all carbon from journeys made through the app by planting trees. 

In December 2020, SKOOT launched Errands to support those who need help from friends and neighbours due to self-isolation or vulnerability, and SKOOT has seen 125% user growth in the past 30 days. 

Greg Gormley, CEO of SKOOT commented:

“What resonates with investors is not just the initial premise of the business and how it can appeal to all demographics, but also our ability to refocus during the pandemic. From the fact we are the first carbon-negative lift-sharing app to identifying the need for Errands to getting it up and running so quickly, is why we have been so successful in our funding. 

“Societal mobility is an issue that needs addressing. Whether in rural locations where public transport routes are being scaled back or in towns and cities where parking is limited. By connecting friends in a safe and carbon-negative way is helping to solve this issue.”

SKOOT is currently working with sporting clubs and venues in order to facilitate connections in these communities. By connecting fans who drive with fans who play or watch sport, clubs and venues could see an increase in attendance, in addition to reducing the carbon emissions of its community.   

With the funding, SKOOT will continue with this roadmap and also plans to expand into Europe, North America, Canada and Australia. 

Download SKOOT now at the App and PlayStore and get running errands or have someone help you via new feature Errands. 

For more information about SKOOT and its Errands function, visit: 


SKOOT was founded in 2019 to help offer a solution to the societal mobility issue, facing young people, offering a cheaper solution to traditional ride-hailing and taxi’s, whilst filling the void caused by the reduction in public transport. Connecting friends who drive, with friends who need a lift. In addition to reducing cars on the road, SKOOT is the first and only carbon negative app, offsetting carbon from journeys made through the app, and planting trees. 

The UK start-up has raised £3.1m to accelerate growth and won a further £75,000 award from Innovate UK to help build the Errands feature. The start-up has grown rapidly, and now employs 18 full time staff, with plans to expand across Europe, North America, Canada and Australia. 

Turquoise, the UK merchant bank specialising in energy, environment and efficiency, has announced its 7th deal for the Low Carbon Innovation Fund 2 (LCIF2), a £330k investment in mobility app company SKOOT in January 2021.

The Board consists of Greg Gormley, CEO, Mark Stringer, CMO and Co-Founder, Alex Browne, CTO, Ashish Devi-King, Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor and Investor, Liam Griffin Founding Family and CEO Addison Lee.

SKOOT is live on AppStore and Google PlayStore. The App is free to download with no hidden costs or charges. SKOOT offers users a £5 Ride Credit when registering, and £5 cash bonus the first time someone completes a Drive for their friend. 

SKOOT keeps a close eye on Government guidelines on COVID and social distancing to ensure its users stay as safe as possible.

SKOOT is a totally carbon-negative business which calculates how much carbon is output from every ride undertaken on the platform, plus all the carbon that every person working for SKOOT emits and then plants trees to ensure its carbon-negative mantra. 

Download at the App and PlayStore

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