Your FLOCK secures Pre-Seed investment from Tom Auld

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Tom Auld – ex assistant to Stephen Hawking – invests in remote work tech Manchester startup: Your FLOCK

“Manchester based tech startup Your FLOCK is be been backed by Cambridge tech investor Tom Auld. Tom will help Your FLOCK’s remote work support platform into the world of Machine Learning. With his years of experience and connections in the field of advanced mathematics and AI.”

Tom Auld is set to join the board of Your FLOCK as an investor and advisor. Tom studied Cambridge University. Whilst at Cambridge Tom was asked to be a graduate assistant to Stephen Hawking. After working with the famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author Tom went on to gain Postgraduate Degrees in Economics and a Theoretical Physics Degree. 

At Cambridge Tom received a triple first in maths and a PhD in Bayesian Machine Learning. It is this machine learning degree and number of connections in the world of AI that he will use to help Your FLOCK to help create positive learning outcomes for their clients.

Tom coming onboard means that Your FLOCK can help more remote workers with learning and development. Based on their values. With a learning path in the future being chosen by a machine learning algorithm. Which will “calculate ” what are the best Your FLOCK Activities for their professional career growth. Which is very much on trend and so it is an ideal time to invest. As serial tech investor Tom says:

“Your FLOCK and the world of work is a place rich in data and potential for machine learning to be used. With more and more people needing scalable tech solutions for the future. It seems like a great time to invest in such a tech startup.”

Tom will be helping Your FLOCK use data and machine learning to create a new learning platform for people whilst they work from home or remote work. Using his experience to supercharge the Manchester tech companies growth for 2021. And this is just the start as Michal Wisniewski (co-founder and CEO of YourFLOCK) says:

“With £100,000 from Innovate UK***, we are now looking to find further £140,000 from private investment. We have already secured a commitment of £50,000 from GC Angel. And are matching this with investors like Tom joining Your FLOCK. It’s an exciting time”.

Why now? With 45% of the UK workforce working remotely today. Your FLOCK is in a good position to capitalize on the new trend.  With the next round of investment, the new emphasis into support and learning and development. And with the machine learning expertise from Cambridge investor Tom Auld. 

Your FLOCK hopes to have a big social impact on how companies in the NW recruit and analyse their own company cultures in 2021.


For the editor. Picture. Extra quote and References:

Extra quote: 

Dan Sodergren CIO for Your FLOCK says:

“Culture / value mismatch costs the UK economy almost £24bn a year due to people leaving and low productivity. Perhaps this, mismatch, is where AI and Your FLOCK can help.” 


* One of the world’s foremost research universities Cambridge with its mission is ‘to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence’. 

** First to Morgan Stanley where he was a Interest Rate Derivatives trader. Then to Getco London as Head of Equities and continuing his career he travelled to Singapore to work for Getco Asia as Head of Futures. Where he used algorithms and his mathematics to help Getco with their quantitative finance projects.


**** As one in every five people lonely when working from home. The feeling of loneliness has an impact on our well-being.  Which impacts the bottom line for companies. As new research has found that people feeling lonely at work are 21% less productive.

The feeling of loneliness has an impact on our well-being and research finds that people feeling lonely at work are 21% less productive.

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Safiya Marzook

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