Money-4 (t/a Nebeus) secures £900k Series A investment via Seedrs

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Nebeus raises just under 1 Million Euros through  Seedrs with the support and investment from the Bri<sh  Government. 

This investment is the first step in Nebeus’s Series A to expand financial and crypto  products and bridge the crypto and cash worlds. 

Barcelona, 21 December 2020  

Nebeus, a London & Barcelona-based fintech & crypto startup, has raised just under €1M  through Seedrs and with support and investment from the British Government and their  Future Fund. The raise will help Nebeus on its mission to bridge the gap between crypto and  cash by allowing crypto-asset owners to access instant cash, financial services, and even earn  using their crypto without selling it. 

This new funding comes from a convertible loan crowdfunding campaign done on Seedrs,  with 248 investors and matched funding from the U.K. taxpayer-funded Future Fund. This  financing is the first in Nebeus’s Series-A round, which it hopes to close in 2021. 

“Only a handful of ways exist that allow Crypto owners to use their crypto in everyday life.  We built a platform that is changing this by allowing people who own crypto to access cash  and financial services using their crypto and without selling it,” said Michael Stroev, COO &  Head of Product at Nebeus.  

Nebeus’s platform allows people to buy, sell, and exchange Crypto, but the main product is  crypto asset-collateralized loans, with proprietary and integrated margin calls, health  monitors, and volatility alerts. Using Nebeus, digital asset owners can access liquidity in the  form of instant cash loans, up to 80% of their digital asset’s value, and with 0% interest.  Nebeus users can even earn using their crypto by renting their crypto to Nebeus. And the  platform doesn’t stop there, offering a suite of accompanying financial services for everyday  use, allowing people to make international cash transfers, withdrawals and deposits at  physical locations, and even mobile phone top-ups. 

2020 has seen a shift in the crypto market, as people have been moving their Crypto  investments from trading platforms and online wallets to platforms offering collateralized  loans. The total market is now worth more than 20 billion dollars and has seen a 98%  quarterly growth this year.  

“We are already the industry leaders in terms of products and services that bridge crypto and  cash. In 2021, we plan to go even further by integrating more ways to trade, earn, get loans,  spend, and send. We aim to become the Revolut of Crypto,” said Michael. 

To accompany its ambitious plans, Nebeus is applying for an Electronic Money Institution  License in the United Kingdom. One of the leading consultancy and compliance firms in the  UK, Compliancy Services, has partnered with Nebeus to support them in their application  process. In 2021, Nebeus further plans to apply for an additional EMI License in Spain to comply with EU rules and regulations after Brexit.  

“We are already secure and comply with all UK and EU regulations. Obtaining an EMI  license will allow us to take our business’s financial services side to the next level, allowing  our customers to use Nebeus as an online bank, and allowing us to compete on par with other  challenger banks,” said Michael. 

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About Nebeus: 

Nebeus is a fintech platform on a mission to bridge the gap between crypto and cash with  instant crypto-backed loans and financial services. To achieve this, Nebeus offers a host of  secure and compliant solutions allowing customers to borrow, earn, send, and receive cash  and crypto with full security. Nebeus was founded in 2014 in England and has transacted  over £30 Million to date, operating primarily in the UK and Europe. 

Seamlessly and within minutes, customers can start earning using their crypto investments  and get instant crypto-backed loans. Customers can send cash to more than 150 countries  through Nebeus’s payment channels, VISA, and Mastercard integrations; transfer & deposit  money at more than 230,000 retail locations & post offices; and much more. Nebeus is the  smart way to borrow, earn, and spend in the digital age, helping thousands of customers put  their digital assets to everyday use.

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