Sportside secures £400k Seed investment from Fortunis Capital

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Fortunis Capital Invests £400K In Sportside, The World’s First “Tinder For Sports”Your Global Local Sports Club

London based Fortunis Capital, led by the Investment Director, Bob Frost, has invested £400,000 into “the Tinder for Sports” app Sportside. 

Sportside matches you with like-minded users who share the same sports interests as you, are looking to play or participate in your sport of choice at compatible times and in the same location. 

The app also informs you about all the local upcoming sports competitions and events relevant to your interests and abilities. 

On the B2B side the app is fully operational software for clubs and teams, there is a built-in loyalty card.

Founder and CEO Xan Varmuza said: “Sport changes lives and is a force for social good. Sportsmen and women all over the world are desperate to play but need someone to play with. This easy-to-use App can find that playing partner for them…

“The sports industry is also the second largest industry in the world. Participation is on the increase all over the world – but so is obesity. Sportside promotes participation and connects with commerce.” 

The app was born out of problem experienced by Xan three years ago when he was living and working in Spain. Being a keen sportsman, he was regularly looking to play tennis at the local tennis club. 

He struck up a relationship with the club who would regularly call him to arrange matches for him with visitors. Thanks to the club’s initiative, Xan managed to satisfy his need to play regularly and the club’s courts and facilities were used a lot more.

The club also generated more revenue and the regular activity encouraged Xan’s playing partners to play more and seek out more members and visitors to play against. At a time when a couple of dating apps had really taken off, Xan thought it would be brilliant if there was an App out there that solved this problem without the club having to get so involved. 

After extensive research, Xan found there was an opportunity and decided to develop Sportside for the sports player, enthusiast, coach, club and marketeer – an opportunity to start the first global local sports club.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance Sports Club Survey (2013) reported that 48.1 per cent of individuals cite ‘having someone to take part with me’ and 31.8 say ‘having a friend take me along’ as the key drivers to increase their participation in sport.

Although there are apps with similar features on the market, Sportside is the world’s first all encompassing, all-inclusive app – the only App that creates a network of players, finds venues and enables payment all in one place. It will cater for over 130 sports, a mixture of individual pursuits and team sports.

For clubs, Sportside’s USP is its connectivity with its squad members and with other clubs. No other club management app offers this.

Fortunis Investment Director Bob Frost said: “The sports industry is still only in its digital infancy and there is now a chance to create a worldwide sports brand that is the world’s local sports club…

“We have recognised Xan has put together a world-class team and is building the world’s first global, local sports club, we are pleased to be a part of his journey.” 

More about Fortunis Capital: 

Fortunis Capital is a UK based Investment Firm and Finance House. We operate in the Financial Sector, in support of UK SME’s and provide a structured investment product which allows UK Businesses to achieve their ambitions within a defined approach. We are FCA regulated and function within an Ethical and Financially Regulated Policy. We serve our Investors by increasing their Net Worth through our Returns, while protecting their Investments. 

More about Sportside:

Sportside is an App that enables individuals & coaches to ‘meet their match’ and connect to likeminded individuals in a community and manage their sports lives AND a web based Club Platform that allows organisations to manage and promote their club, teams, events and competitions and facilities AND a Marketers Platform to allow sports marketers to manage and promote their sports promotions, special offers, discounts and more to the Sportside Community.

How it works: 

Individual users and Coaches register their details and build their own profile, including age, gender, location, ability and availability.

Users can find partners to participate / compete in sport with, arrange the session and find and book the facility. Users can create their own competitions and/or events or seek out other events and competitions to join and pay any entry fees for them using the in-app wallet.

The experience can then be rated and commented on a public message board to encourage others to join. The more you play using Sportside, the more loyalty card points you accrue to earn discounts and other offers with major sports retailers and organisations.

Clubs register and ask all club members to sign up to Sportside to maintain efficient club management. All players to visibly declare availability for matches / events.

The payment mechanism puts an end to cash exchange in pub or clubhouse post-match and ensures total visibility on all transactions.

Brands sign up with Sportside to offer discounts on products and services to millions of loyal, dedicated sports enthusiasts.

Website link:

For press enquiries email or follow-up material: [email protected] speak with Founder &  CEO Xan Varmuza [email protected]

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